that’s fused with a balanced concentration of precious metal and mineral content. The device converts ordinary drinking water into ionized, synergistically structured and pH- enhanced “Live Water”.

Alkamug® – Water that is structured synergistically is basically saying, ” Kangen, Ionized, Returned To Origin, Alkaline, Restructured, Anti-oxidant and Electron rich, Micro clustered, Oxidation reduced, Powerful, hydrogen saturated Living Water.”

AlkaMug – It was made to counteract and neutralize toxins and over acidity in our bodies. Through continued use, the body can become more alkaline. This happens as the number of active hydrogen ions increase while the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) and the size of each water molecule cluster is reduced.

AlkaMug® – The exclusive nano-filter is composed of twelve kinds of transformed minerals with the addition of Colloidal Gold, Platinum and Silver. Because the AlkaMug® was designed to change the water structure as well as boost photon absorption, it creates a resonance effect, thus producing more energetic, vital, absorbable water as well as structures the water molecules.

Alkamug is a, bio-magnetic, alkalizing and portable transforming device. It’s combined with balanced precious metal and mineral content. It converts normal drinking water to hexagonal, ionized, synergistic structured, pH-enhanced alkaline water.

Not only is it very healthy, the Alkamug is stylish, easily carried, convenient and reusable. Because of its portability, it can be utilized anywhere including home, office or wherever you travel. The Alkamug can filter almost any water (well, tap, bottled) and includes a unique nano-filter that provides 12 different kinds of transforming minerals as well as colloidal Platinum, Silver and Gold.

Because of many factors like stress, fast food and environmental pollution, a lot of people have high acidic accumulations as well as free radicals, toxins and debris in their bodies. Numerous medical experts believe these factors can cause a chemical imbalance in our brains, lower immune system function and elicit countless conditions including: diabetes, depression, Parkinson’s, cancer, insomnia, etc.

Alkamug aids in neutralizing toxins and counteracting our body’s over acidity. Through continued use, the body becomes more alkaline from increased numbers of hydrogen ions that are active, while at the same time reducing the cluster size of water molecules and ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential). All of the powerful science utilized in the Alkamug also assists in removing free radicals. This leaves you with vitalized water that promotes great health and longevity.

Alkamug transforms water in as little as 5 minutes. It dramatically improves the taste, value and quality of any water.

You can also safely use the Alkamug with other beverages including liquid food. All you need to do is remove the nano-filter from the device. Although you won’t receive the benefits the nanofilter provides, you will still benefit from the bio magnetism as well as the Yantra Energy Structuring.