Alkaline diets can be your best defense against pollution and the processed foods of our modern generation. Read on and learn what you can do to take control of your health.

The world today has become very complex in many ways. With the age of modern pollution, processed foods and lifestyle, we have exposed our bodies to constant threats to our health and well-being. Although in modern times we don’t die from many illnesses that plagued us 100 years ago, we are now exposed to chronic threats everyday. People become sick and die everyday from diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

What can we do?

Although we can’t control a lot of the living conditions of modern society, we can determine what we take into our bodies. Alkaline diets can be your primary defense in maintaining good health and longevity.

Why Alkaline diets?

Since we are what we eat, a slight overall alkalinity is optimal for our bodies to function at a high level. The majority of the U.S. population has overall pH levels in the body that are highly acidic. This is a dangerous situation and over the course of a lifetime, many chronic diseases of our day and age are linked directly to our bodies overall pH. Examples of many conditions that can be caused by excessive acidity in the body are the following:

  • Many degenerative diseases
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Skin Disorders
  • High Blood Pressure

What’s the one step you can take that will have the greatest impact on the alkalinity of your body?

When we think of diet, food first pops into our heads. However, the foundation of alkaline diets should consist of drinking water that’s been alkalized. Since we’re made up of 75% – 85% water, it makes sense that the water we drink can have as great an impact as the foods we consume on a daily basis.

You’re probably wondering how you can easily get access to healthy alkalized water? There are many ways, but it’s important to point out that purified alkalized water is going to give you the very best results.

You could filter your water at home and then add hydrogen peroxide drops to the water. This will change the pH of any water you’re drinking from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline. Although this is safe because the amount of hydrogen peroxide that you take in is minimal, it is also inconvenient.

Another solution to improve your health through alkaline diets is to purchase a type of mug that’s composed of special properties that will alkalize the water for you. By having a mug like this, all you have to do is fill it up and it will change the pH for you. It makes it easy to follow alkaline diets by not only taken in foods, but also getting the right type of healthy water into your system.

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