We live in the day of modern miracles mostly brought about by the amazing technological advances in health and science. It’s incredible what can be done and how our health and longevity can be benefited each and every day.

One of these modern breakthroughs is colloidal nano silver. The technology that allows us to use silver in this form is dramatically transforming peoples lives on a daily basis.

What Exactly is Colloidal Nano Silver?

Colloidal nano silver is microscopic form of silver. A particle of nano silver is less than 2nm (nanometers). A nanometer is a billionth the size of one meter. Simply said, It’s extremely small. This nano suspension is by far the most stable form of silver that we know.

What Does That Mean to You?

Let’s cut through all the terminology about nano silver. I’m sure you’re more interested in how this tiny particle will benefit you and your health.

It Protects You and Your Family Against Pathogens

Nano silver has been proven to be effective in eliminating many pathogens in the bloodstream. American Biotech Labs, an independent research program has carried out more than a 150 independent clinical studies from more than 55 different facilities. These studies constitute more than 9500 microbial tests. In all these tests, nano silver has been proven time and time again to be effective in clearing malaria from the bloodstreams. It’s also proven effective in increasing the T-Lymphocytes counts in several aids patients as well as increased survival rates of mice from the H5-N1 Flu Virus in birds.

The whole point of all this is to show how powerful nano silver really is in maintaining excellent health. And just like these dangerous pathogens, nano silver can be just as powerful and effective with more common viruses we come into contact with everyday.

Is It Safe?

There are many people that would like to see it taken off the market. Why? They say that it isn’t safe and it could lead to health problems such as metal poisoning. For all those that say it isn’t safe, there are just as many that have safely taken nano silver products without any harmful side effects and excellent results.

How Can You Take Colloidal Nano Silver?

There are many ways that you can consume this wonderful micro particle to realize great health benefits. A very convenient way is to consume it in a mug that is out on the market that contains these really state of the art ceramic balls.

These balls are built right into a nano filter that contains many different beneficial minerals, including colloidal nano silver. All you need to do is drink the water and the particles are released as you drink. So if you want all the benefits of colloidal nano silver you can have it everyday while improving your overall health.

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