Simple Sport Bottle Fused with Cutting Edge Scientific Knowledge and the Treasure of Ancient Health Wisdom.

It Is Time To Changing Old Habits of “Just” Drinking The Water In To The Ceremony of Self Hydration And Communions.

AlkaMug Clearview Offers Unique Nano Ball Filters. Developed And Made By Korean Bio Tech Company – One Of The Worlds Authorities In Water Research, These Filters Are Intend to Neutralize Chlorine, Increase pH level, Reduce OPR and Add Essential for our Health Mineral Content with Negative Ions. This is more advanced step after Alkalark – first similar device used same Korean Nano Minerals for health and beauty.

AlkaMug Clearview – Your Companion with Clean, Safe and Great Tasting Water for Life.

AlkaMug Clearview plastic water container/bottle crafted from food grade TRITAN material. It’s BPA Free. Without Nano Ball Filters, Bottle can be used for hot beverages.



  • Unscrew the cap and fill AlkaMug with water. You can keep straw inside or remove it and drink through sipper. You can change the straw after removing mouth piece and bottom part.
  • Depending on the used water, some residuals may develop at the bottom of the unit. To keep AlkaMug clean and filters active, please wash the bottle daily.
  • Once a week place Nano Ball Filters inside the glass and add 1 table spoon of white vinegar or lemon juice mixed with the water. After 2-3 minutes, remove them and rinse under cool running water. This will refresh mineral content inside the filters and prolong their life span. Depending on the water source and the pattern of individual use, the filters can last up to 9-10 month.

Caution: Don’t drink straight from the straw lid when filled with hot liquids, it may scald you. Please allow to cool down up to a drinkable temperature. Be aware that AlkaMug is not medical device and does not intend to diagnose, treat and cure any medical conditions. We Just Want To Help People Drink More Clean And Healthy Water.