Alkamug® – Water that is structured synergistically is basically saying, ” Kangen, Ionized, Returned To Origin, Alkaline, Restructured, Anti-oxidant and Electron rich, Micro clustered, Oxidation reduced, Powerful, hydrogen saturated Living Water.”

“Water is the material cause of everything” Thales of Millet (6th century B.C.)

    Mystery of the Healing Water
  1. The main body of the device is made from non-magnetized, food grade #304 stainless steel. The inner part of the dispenser has a Nano-Titanium coating. The external part of the device is painted with non-toxic paint and is available in three basic colors:Glossy Red, Matte Black, and Silver. Each AlkaMug bottle has the printing of its name, logo, slogan & website on it. Please, be aware that this printing is not permanent and can be wear off.
  2. A Polarized Matrix microchip token is located at the bottom of the unit with the Cosmic Wave Symbol at the center. This symbol represents the beliefs of the Ancient Order of Thales: that water is the essence of all matter and the substratum of the Universe, Life, and all Beings. (*Please Note that this token is already attached to the bottom of AlkaMug and it is integral part of the device.)
  3. Powerful Bio-Magnets are embedded inside the top cover of the device. They are specially crafted to produce a kinetic energy field enhanced by the centripetal movement of magnetic force. (*Please Note, that black color weight holder box, with silver color weights are not a part of AlkaMug and not included. On this picture we just want to show that magnets are located under the top of the device and they are strong enough to hold small metal box with some amount of weight.)
  4. The Golden Mandala is mounted on top of the cover. The Secret Symbol of Sri Yantra geometrically structures the Mandala’s inner circle. Yantra is formed as a matrix of nine interlocking triangles: four ascending ones, representing the Male, and five descending triangles, representing the Feminine Divine principles of the Universe. Together they form 43 smaller  triangles - symbolizing The Ray of Creation or Law of Seven. Many researchers believe this Yantra is a visual materialization of the OM (ohm). The greatest of all mantras, it represents the Supreme Being. The past, present, and future are all included in this one sound. Meditation on this sacred syllable is said to satisfy every need and leads to better health and liberation.
    In the Esoteric Kabala this Hexagramic Symbol represents the Secret Name of God. In the teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, this symbol is called the double Enneagram.
    Many people believe water records and carries all memories. Dr. Masaru Emotos first book publication in 1999 “Messages From Water” brought to prominence in our world since. Dr. Emoto froze water, then looked at the crystals of the frozen water through a microscope and then took photographs of them. On that pictures we could clearly see the molecules and how their shapes are differ. The shapes and appearance differed depending on what thought, feeling, music, vibration was close to the water before it was frozen or the origin of water sores. 

    AlkaMug™ is designed to make Hexagonal water. It’s positively changes water structure and makes  photon absorption capacity increased . By creating a resonance effect that structures the internal arrangement of water molecules, AlkaMug™ makes water more energized, absorbable, and vital.

    Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya - I bow to Shiva.

    Water crystal of Fujiwara Damafter prayer

  5. The mineral Nano-Filter included with this AlkaMug™ is made from food-grade stainless steel and contains essential minerals for health and well-being. Each original filter has a laser-engraved serial number and NTN company logo: the Cosmic Wave Symbol. Be on the lookout for cheap imitations when you plan to purchase replacement filters.
  6. Additionally, Small Nano-Filter can be purchased separately. These filter are designed to fit inside the Main mineral filter. (*Sold separately)
  7. The AlkaMug™ travel case comes in two colors: a combination of red and grey for Red Color AlkaMug and a combination of black and grey for Black & Silver Color AlkaMug.
Specifications of AlkaMug™
Dimensions: 7 ¾” (19,5cm) tall x 2 ¾” (7cm) diameter
Capacity: 1 ½ Cup – 12 Fl OZ (350Ml)
Material: Food Grade #304Stainless Steel with Titanium coating (inside). Food grade plastic cover.
Color: Silver, Black and Red
Gift Box Size: Length: 9.5”(24cm) Width: 3.5”(9cm) Height: 5”(12.5cm)
  • N.W: 0.8 lbs (367g) AlkaMug with Filter
  • G.W: 1.83 lbs (832g) AlkaMug with Gift Box
Included in package:
  • 1 AlkaMug Bottle(parts #2,3 and 4 assembled)
  • 1 Filter(part #5)
  • 1 Gift box
  • 1 User’s Manual

*Small filter(part#6) is optional and are not included in the package. This item(#6) can be purchased separately