Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I prepare the nano filter?

A: When you receive the product and before you use the nano-filter (part #5), you need to remove it from the separate plastic container and insert it inside the Alkamug. Install the filter by inserting and slightly pressing on it’s top until you hear a click. The full depth of the Alkamug is 6 inches and the mug changes diameter 2 inches from the bottom. The small metal holders on the sides of the filter will securely hold the filter in place. You can use any non-sharp object to securely fix the filter in the optimal position inside the mug. Again, you will hear a click to know it is in position.

If you purchase the optional small filter (#6), it needs to be inserted into the larger (#5) filter. After you put them together, you can go ahead and insert both of them as one unit into the Alkamug as was previously explained. It’s important to check the mug when you are pouring water, to make sure the filter is properly in place.

Q: How much water a day can I drink from the Alkamug?

A: You can drink up to 9-10 glasses of water that the Alkamug produces. It holds 12oz, so that’s a little under a gallon a day of water.

Q: Can I stop using the Alkamug for a period of time if I need to?

A: You can stop and start anytime you want. Alkalized water is safe with no side effects. The only disadvantage of stopping is that you’ll stop receiving the healthy benefits of this type of water.

Q.  Can I mix the water from the Alkamug with any other beverages?

A. It’s not going to cause any problems, but it’s important to remember that the major amount of fluids taken in during the day should be healthy alkalized water. This will provide you the health benefits you are looking for.

Q. Can I boil water from the Alkamug to prepare tea or coffee?

A. It’s advised that you use the water from the Alkamug to drink on its own. You can use another water source to boil your hot beverages.

Q. After drinking water from the Alkamug, how long should I wait before I eat or drink anything else?

A. Drink water from the Alkamug whenever you drink water. After drinking, you don’t need to wait to drink other beverages or food.

Q. Can I cook (prepare soup, etc.) using water produced by the Alkamug?

A. As with the previous boiling question, it’s suggested you drink the water from the Alkamug and use other water sources to cook and prepare meals.

Q. Can the water produced by the Alkamug be considered a supplement or drug?

A. No, alkalized water made from the Alkamug is like water that occurred naturally a long time ago from pure running streams. This kind of water was already alkalized and also containing many valuable minerals in the water. The Alkamug creates water like nature intended.

Q. Will the Alkamug remove fluoride?

A. Yes and No. The Alkamug is designed to improve the quality of your drinking water by neutralizing some of the fluoride found in tap water. It contains an Activated Alumina De-fluoridation component. However, you need to realize that the Alkamug nano-filter, although a water purification system, won’t completely eliminate all the fluoride from your water.  If you are concerned with fluoride in you water, then the following procedures need to be implemented to remove any traces of fluoride:

1- Reverse Osmosis Filtration

2- Distillation Filtration

These two methods are very effective in removing fluoride from the water. Unfortunately, we don’t have the time to go into all the details in the FAQ. There’s plenty of information elsewhere to answer all your questions about fluoride removal.

Q. Are there any side effects from drinking water produced by the Alkamug?

A.  Yes! Great health, clearer thinking and increased energy levels. There hasn’t been any side effects reported. Of course, with the use of any health or exercise products, if you experience negative effects, stop using the product immediately until you get more information.

Q. Can I take my medicine with water from the Alkamug?

A. It’s suggested that you take all your medications with another water source.

Q. Alkamug delivers minerals into the water. Will this cause kidney stones, liver stones, etc.?

A. No. The alkalized water and the minerals help to naturally energize the body, which naturally improves the digestion process. This means that your liver and kidneys can function easier and more efficiently. These kinds of conditions usually don’t exist when the organs are functioning at an optimal level.

Q. Will the water in the Alkamug affect how I drink alcoholic beverages?

A. No, not at all. Although, if you’re trying to improve your health, you might want to limit your alcohol intake.

Q. Can alkalized water from the Alkamug affect my ability to concentrate?

A. No, healthy energized water can improve your mind and body function. As toxic elements are eliminated from your body, this may help you think clearer with improved concentration.

Q. Does the water I put in the Alkamug have to be really cold?

A. You can put any water except hot water in the Alkamug. It’s good to remember that water at room temperature is ideal for drinking and health.

Q. Does the Alkamug insulate the water?

A. It has some insulating properties because of the materials used in making the product. However, the designers didn’t have insulation in mind. Caution…don’t freeze any water in the Alkamug because it can break from the expanding water from freezing. Also, don’t leave it overnight in your car. It’s best it stays in a normal temperature range being protected from extreme temperature exposure.

Q. How can I offer the Alkamug in my store?

A. We would be very happy to hear from you. Please call us and we can discuss a retail sales arrangement with your company.

Q. Can I use the Alkamug when I go on a cleansing diet?

A. It’s suggested you use another water source to avoid the natural minerals contained in the water.