Alkamug Classic

Alkamug Classic

AlkaMug® Classic – portable, bio-magnetic and alkalizing water transformation system fused with balanced minerals and precious metal content. This device converts regular drinking water into alkaline pH-enhanced, ionized, and synergistically structured Live Water.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ALKAMUG CLASSIC – ALKMG-C01
Model Number: Red – C01-R
Black – C01-B
Silver – C01-S

Alkamug Vision

Alkamug Vision

AlkaMug® Vision is a New member of AlkaMug family. Beautifully crafted and energized with Yantra Matrix Logo, it comes with durable carry on bag and mineral filter(#5).
AlkaMug Vision offers more stable paint and laser engraving for Red & Black AlkaMugs and silk printing on Silver one.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ALKAMUG VISION – ALKMG-V01
Model Number: Red – V01-R
Black – V01-B
Silver – V01-S

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Alkamug Vision

Alkamug ClearView

AlkaMug® ClearView – Simple Sport Bottle Fused with Cutting Edge Scientific Knowledge and the Treasure of Ancient Health Wisdom. AlkaMug Clearview Offers Unique Nano Ball Filters. Developed And Made By Korean Bio Tech Company – One Of The Worlds Authorities In Water Research, These Filters Are Intend to Neutralize Chlorine, Increase pH level, Reduce OPR and Add Essential for our Health Mineral Content with Negative Ions.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ALKAMUG CLEARVIEW – ALKMG-S01
Model Number: Clear – S01-C
Blue – S01-B

Alkamug Vision

Alkamug Main Filter #5

AlkaMug® Main Filter #5 is made from food-grade stainless steel and contains essential minerals for health and well-being. Each original filter has a laser-engraved serial number and NTN company logo: the Cosmic Wave Symbol. Be on the lookout for cheap imitations when you plan to purchase replacement filters.

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ALKAMUG #6 Small Weigh Loss Formula Filter – ALKMG-SW02
Model Number: 17ALK01 (For Balance Plus Formula Filter)

Alkamug Small Filter

Weight Loss Formula – Small Filter

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): ALKAMUG #6 Small Weigh Loss Formula Filter – ALKMG-SW02
Model Number: Model Number: 21ALK02 (for Weigh Loss Formula A Filter)
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